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Registration for Monitoring Portal

Information about this service
Registration for this service requires and email address and the serial number of your wifi-stick model NG/300/300.2 (registration form at the bottom of this page). Once registered you will receive the following information:

  • An email with the access to the monitoring portal.
  • Access to the monitoring portal to view your daily and monthly energy production.
  • Further information regarding your AEG solar system and useful tips.

  • The sender address of the daily messages is noreply@aeg-industrialsolar.de; please make sure to have your spam/junk mail settings updated (if needed). This email service will stop once the new monitoring portal / app is up and running.

    Please note: This service is only available for users of the new AEG wifi-stick NG/300/300.2. Users which have installed the AEG wifi-stick 200 please use the usual AEG Inverter Control portal and app.

    Serial Number
    How to find the serial number:
    You can find the serial number of your wifi-stick (starting with AEG-12...) either on the wifi-stick itself or on the carton box the wifi-stick has been delivered in.
    The product key is not required.

    Please use the following form to register for this service and enter all information:
    What's the power of your solar system (kW installed)?
    How much did the full solar system cost?
    What is the date your solar system was installed?
    Please enter your address (street, post code and city):
    Please enter the serial number of your wifi-stick (starting with AEG-121...):
    Where did you buy it (name of installer or distributor)?
    Your email address:
    Please click on Submit to complete your registration:

    Assistance and support
    In case you have questions or need any assistance, please take a look at the Inverter Service Page or get in touch directly with our AEG service team via Inverter Support.