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AEG Inverter Control for Wifi-Stick NG/300/300.2

Important Notes
About the Wifi-Stick:
  • The old WiFi stick (WiFi200) is not supported anymore and is replaced by the new WiFi stick (WiFi300 NG or WiFi300.2).
  • The Serial number of the new WiFi stick starts with AEG-121. If you don’t have a new WiFi stick, please send us an email to Inverter Support and provide us your name and address. We will send you a new WiFi stick for free.
  • The new WiFi stick has to be inserted into the inverter and then connected to your WiFi router. Please see the instruction videos on this website (step 2 below).
  • If you have an account and have done the WiFi installation, all is ready. In a few days you will see data populating your account.
About the Monitoring App and Monitoring Portal:
  • The old app AEG InverterControl is no longer supported.
  • The new monitoring portal is online; hence, you will no longer receive the daily email with information about the daily energy yield.
  • The address of the new portal is https://aeg.invertercontrol.com/v1/.
  • You should have received an email from Inverter Support to create an account on the new monitoring portal.
  • If your WiFi stick was successfully connected to your WiFi router, and you have an account, at first you will only see the daily energy yield on your account. The other features (diagrams, real-time power production, weather data etc.) will be added step by step.
  • You can use the portal from your smartphone or tablet, since the Portal adapts to your device. The monitoring app will also soon be available for download from the portal (not from the Playstore or Appstore).
  • If you don’t have an account on the new monitoring portal or if you only have an account for the old monitoring portal, please inform us in an email to Inverter Support and send us your email address and the serial number of your WiFi stick.

Installation of the new wifi-stick and monitoring portal setup
You can install the new wifi-stick and set up the monitoring portal in three quick steps. On this page you find detailed instructions and the link to step by step installation videos.


Installation of the new wifi-stick
The first step to use the new monitoring portal is to install the new wifi-stick. If you have received your new wifi-stick but not installed it yet, please do so first using the documentation delivered in the box or access here the latest Quick Installation Guide for AEG Wifi-Stick 300. You also can find a video with step by step installation instructions here.


Setup of the wifi-network
After successful installation of the wifi-stick to the inverter you need to set up the connection to your home wifi-network. This step will take a few minutes.
You can find the instructions in the manual provided in the box of the wifi-stick or you can download the latest Quick Installation Guide for AEG Wifi-Stick 300. Again, a small video with a step by step instruction can be found here.


In order to access the monitoring portalyou need to register with your wifi-stick serial number (can be found on the wifi-stick itself or on the packaging) and your email address.
Please register here.
Everything set up and registered? You will receive an email with a link where you can set your password. This email will also contain the link to the monitoring portal. In case you set a password already, you can login into the portal here.

Current status of the new monitoring portal
You are one of the first customers to be connected to the new monitoring portal. We are in the phase of a soft launch; that means that we start with a basic version of the monitoring portal where additional features are added every week. We apologize the further delay. The next releases will bring you detailed performance information (diagrams) and the weather functionality.
There might be some maintainance interruptions during the soft launch phase. Your data however is saved, although it might not be displayed during these interruptions.
Thank you very much for your patience and understanding!

Assistance and support
In case you have questions or need any assistance, please take a look at the Inverter Service Page or get in touch directly with our AEG service team via Inverter Support.

What to expect?
New design paired with an comprehensive user experience. Our team of software engineers has unleashed their full creativity to make sure you receive a monitoring experience that deserves the name AEG.
Easy registration and setup process.
The new monitoring portal will offer an easy setup process for both user registration as well as plant creation. Within minutes you will have everything set up and be ready to go!
Monitoring wherever you want it!
Experience the full functionality of the new monitoring portal also on your mobile phones and tablets. With full compatibility and a responsive design you can enjoy the new monitoring portal both on desktop and mobile devices.